FRITZ, INC     Jim, Dena, Jake & Jack Fritz           PO Box 260 Chester MT  59522         406-432-2845

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FYI--the railroad crossings at times have extremely long waits (hours) so here are some options if the far west Chester crossing is busy as you deliver items or attend sale. 

1. Go one more stop to the east. Turn north on 1st St E (just west of Stricks Ag, north of one-way, kitty-corner from Lounge) Turn west on Hatten St and follow road adjacent to rails until you come to Cemetery Rd. Not for wide loads. 

 2. Go west to the Whitlash Rd crossing, go North to correction line past Gavilon/Columbia. Head east and south to sale site.

 3. Go to east end of town and turn north onto Laird Rd (across from Chester Supermart) At Road 3200, turn west. When you get to Wanken Rd, start working your way south and west. This is a long route and we do not know road conditions.

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