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Notes from the FRITZ AUCTION block
A branch of Fritz, Inc
Jim, Dena, Jake, Jimi and Jack Fritz PO Box 260 Chester MT  59522
Home:  406-432-2845  Jim:  406-289-0037                     Dena:  406-403-2256
Fritz Auction Consignment Sale
June 21, 2019
Chester Livestock Yards

Advertising Deadline
Although we will take items up to June 19, to have your item(s) advertised in print material, 
we must receive information by May 20th

All photos will appear on our website, and select photos will be printed on flyer.
You may email us photos at 
If you need us to take the photos, please contact us well before the advertising deadline to do so.

Advertising Fee
All consignors are pro-rated an amount for advertising costs. 
Total advertising expenses are divided by total sale proceeds to determine the percentage each consignor will pay. The result of multiplying this percentage by your total proceeds will be the amount of advertising removed from you check.


Unless otherwise stated, commission on large items is set at 11%.  Small items are 16%.  
We do not take household items. Commission will be withheld from your check.  
Your check and settlement sheet will be mailed approximately 7 business days after sale date.

All consigned items are under contract to sell and must be delivered to the Chester Stockyards June 17-20. 
We have someone there 24 hours a day. 
Some items may be delivered early, at your own risk, but please contact us first.
If an item is consigned and not delivered, a fee will be assessed.
If your item has a title, you must deliver a signed and notarized title before it sells or will sell as "No Title"

We sell items without reserve, unless it is a high valued item, then it will be advertised as such. 
You will be charged commisssion and advertising if you buy back without our knowledge.

No Sells
This is an auction, not a guarantee of sale. If your item does not sell, you will not be charged and have 30 days to remove it or it goes to scrap. If you do sell it within 30 days of sale, full commission is due.

This letter serves as a contract between you and Fritz Auction for the 2019 Consignment Sale.
Please email or text "YOUR NAME 2019 SALE" to or 406-403-2256 
as your digital signature stating that you understand and agree to conditions set forth in this letter.

Dena Fritz, Fritz Inc Sec/Treas

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